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Affiliate Benefits

Introduce us to new customers, by creating affiliated content that promotes, and you could earn between £19 - £58 per average order.

  • Between 2-6% Commission On Net Sales
  • Average Order Value = £980.00
  • 30 Day Cookie Window
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  • Content Collaboration Opportunities
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How It Works

Aan affiliate partner, we provide you with links to LOT products, that you share with your audience. Sales comissions are earned when someone purchases a product from our store within 30 days of clicking on your link. Note - we're as selective as about our affilaite partners, as we are the products that make it on to, but don't let that put you off from applying. Whether you are a big or small brand, ideally we're looking to partner with interior design bloggers, influencers, luxury lifestyle publications and those likely to have a design loving, affluent UK audience within their reach.

Once approved we'll send you further information and resources to help you get started as an affiliate partner including access to all our product photography, banners and other content for your website, newsletter, social media feeds. We'll also be eager to discuss bespoke collaborations and you'll also have a dashbaord to see in real time, how many people are clicking and purchasing items through your links. We'll automatically pay your comissions after 21 days of the sales being registered, just to be sure the order is succesaful and we have not had to refund the order for any reason, in which case commission will not be payable.

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