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The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw sweeping social change and major scientific advances—both of which contributed to a new aesthetic: Modernism. Rejecting the rigidity of Victorian artistic conventions, Modernists sought a new means of expression. References to the natural world and ornate classical embellishments gave way to the sleek simplicity of the Machine Age. Architect Philip Johnson characterized the hallmarks of modernism as “machine-like simplicity, smoothness or surface [and] avoidance of ornament.”
  • F4AFD6CB-A772-449C-9367-0BE41086474D_1_105_c.jpeg

    LOT 03027


    B&B Italia Maxalto range L shaped XL sofa


  • ADBBE1FD-AFBC-45D0-A17B-290E27C28307.jpeg

    LOT 1789

    Ligne Roset

    2 x Ligne Roset Ploum Medium High Back Sofas


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  • 09EEB027-F3DA-43D5-BDE2-908A5227428E.jpeg

    LOT 1489


    Tonelli Bakkarat glass crystal Dining table and chair set black & grey designer


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  • 05f8708b-3a84-42af-93af-cdff28d00fcb.jpg

    LOT 1335

    Robin Day

    Robin Day 3-Seater Sofa & Armchair


    LOT Sold
  • IMG_6342.jpg

    LOT 1326


    A Kingcome 2.5 seater sofa


  • Capture-1.PNG

    LOT 1155


    Bedside Table x 2


  • Bedside Table Marble Top-1.jpg

    LOT 1154


    2 x ex-show apartment side tables


    LOT Sold
  • 1289DD39-0395-4330-AEE6-AA9AB056EDAD.jpeg

    LOT 1150a

    Cobalt Blue Medium velvet Corner Sofa from

    £2,300.00 £1,935.00

    Great Price
  • 464EBA45-1FBA-4020-AB0D-C6F2F8EEC464.jpeg

    LOT 1140

    Maxalto B&B Italia

    B&B Italia Dining Table


    LOT Sold
  • B5C967E3-134D-47A2-B417-FCD8254F83B2.jpeg

    LOT 1145a


    A pair of Flexform chairs


    LOT Sold
  • 5A842862-8E2A-410A-A25F-1C9C7E302853.jpeg

    LOT 1151


    Poliform double bed


    LOT Sold
  • 62580422-A173-49EB-AE15-ECDB6EA7F38B.jpeg

    LOT 1211

    Armani Casa

    Storage system Reverie Armani Casa


  • IMG_4507s.jpg

    LOT 1138a

    Sé Collection

    8 x Se Collection Dining Chairs


  • IMG_4731.jpg

    LOT 1130a


    Hay Bjorn Sofa

    £1,000.00 £750.00

    LOT Sold
  • 20220113_131229.jpg

    LOT 1146a


    Coco Wooden Armrest Leather Armchair


  • Sofa.jpg

    LOT 1131a

    The Sofa & Chair Company

    A Braque corner sofa From The Sofa and Chair Company


    LOT Sold
  • IMG-3836.jpg

    LOT 1207


    6 x Melogranoblu Glass Wall Lights


  • E1EE61A3-3281-4D0E-8B1E-8794111B543C.jpeg

    LOT 1206

    Loods 5

    Large wooden dining table


    LOT Sold
  • 2 seater sofa.jpg

    LOT 1209a

    DFS executive

    2 x new leather sofas from DFS Italian Milano range


    LOT Sold
  • 20220104_105229.jpg

    LOT 1203


    Original Noguchi Coffee Table


  • 82613DBD-161C-45D8-B5DA-21FEC5B9F805.jpeg

    LOT LOt 1202b

    Wych Wood Designs

    Wych Wood designs Ottoman/ Footstool


  • 7CA627EA-3E1B-46A0-B173-A36005FC852E.jpeg

    LOT 1201a

    Wych Wood Designs

    Set of 2 Button back Wychwood chairs


  • IMG_0759.jpg

    LOT 1195


    Fredericia Stingray Rocking Chair

    £1,100.00 £695.00

    LOT Sold
  • Sofa 1.jpeg

    LOT 1200

    Roche Bobois

    Roche Bobois Grey Leather Three Seater Sofa


    LOT Sold
  • 3D6605B5-6732-47CD-95D2-6C868AE4C70C.jpeg

    LOT 1204


    Hay "Hee" Bar stool - Set of 2


  • PHOTO-2021-12-01-17-39-04 2.jpg

    LOT 1197a

    Antonio Citerrio For B&B Italia

    Antonio Citterio, B&B Italia, Maxalto, Desinger, "Apta" Dining chairs x 10


  • D8940236-CB6F-49E4-B356-411E53D31B1F.jpeg

    LOT 1191


    A White Eames Chaise Longue


  • Zanotta 5.JPG

    LOT 1191


    2 x Zanotta leather sofas

    £8,500.00 £4,000.00

    LOT Sold
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