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Measuring Guide

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Measuring Guide

Please use our guide below on each product of how to measure your item. Please note that all measurements should be made in cm. If there is a product not mentioned in the list below, please note in the product description how you have measured the product.


When it comes to selling bulky furniture items online, accurate measurements are crucial. Providing potential buyers with precise dimensions can help them make informed decisions and avoid any surprises upon delivery. Whether you're selling chairs, sofas, tables, mirrors, beds, rugs, or lighting, here is some expert advice on how to measure each type of item.

Chairs and Sofas

Start by measuring the width, height, and depth of the chair or sofa. For the width, measure from one armrest to the other. The height should be measured from the floor to the highest point, which is usually the backrest. Lastly, measure the depth by determining the distance from the front edge to the backrest.


For tables, you'll need to measure the length, width, and height. Measure the length from one end to the other, and the width from side to side. To determine the height, measure from the floor to the tabletop surface.


When measuring mirrors, focus on the width and height. Measure the width from one edge to the other, and the height from the top to the bottom. If the mirror has a frame, include it in the measurements.


Measuring beds can be a bit more complex. Start by measuring the length and width of the mattress. Then, measure the height from the floor to the top of the mattress. If the bed has a headboard or footboard, measure their height as well. Additionally, consider measuring the overall length and width of the bed frame.


When it comes to rugs, the main measurements to consider are the length and width. Measure from one end to the other to determine the length, and from side to side for the width. If the rug has any irregular shapes or patterns, mention them in the description.


For lighting fixtures, focus on the height and width. Measure the height from the top to the bottom, and the width from one side to the other. If the fixture has any additional dimensions, such as the diameter of a pendant light, include those as well.

Remember, when listing your bulky furniture items for sale online, it's important to provide accurate measurements. Be sure to communicate the dimensions clearly in your product descriptions, and consider including any special instructions for delivery or assembly. By doing so, you'll enhance the buyer's experience and increase the chances of a successful sale.

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