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Photography Guide

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Photography Guide

To succesfully sell your furniture on LOT, it's essential to send us high quality photos that are both clear and appealing to a buyer. Taking photos of bulky furniture items can be especially tricky, but have no fear, we've compiled a few tips and tricks to help you.

1. Clean Up The Item

To paraphrase Charles and Ray Eames 'design is the details'. Buyers notice the details in images before they decide to make a purchase. It's essential the first thing you do before begining to take photos is to  clean up the object(s) you want to list on LOT.

2. Find a Great Place for Shooting

Once your item is cleaned, then you need to think about where and how you're going to photograph your item. The ideal choice would be opposite a plain, white wall, sheet or screen. If this is not possible, perhaps because the item is too bulky to move, then you should step round the object and try to find the angle that allows the item to 'pop' from it's background.

3. Don’t Use Props

Using props may look great on Instagram, but potential customers will be put off if the furniture is heavily littered with props. It's important for people to be abel to see what they're buying and be able to imagine it in their own space which may differ in style to how you've previously arranged it.

    4. Photograph From Multiple Angles

    We recommend you take and send us a number of photos from various angles (up high, mid height and down-low) of your furniture. Most of all, your images should show your product from as many sides as possible. Capturing the image from an angle rather than straight on, often gives customers a better understanding of the size and dimensions of the object.

    5. Don’t Hide Wear & Tear

    Unless you are a designer selling bespoke or excess stock through LOT, then most of the items for sale on our website are in a used condition. Whilst your photos need to highlight the best qualities of yoru furniture (perhaps a close up of the materials, detailing and engineering), they should equally show any signs of wear and tear. Disclosing this in your listing only inspires trust between buyers and sellers, becuase we will always differenitate between used and brand new products.

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