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Easy Seating

Our collection of Pouffes have 100% Merino wool covers which can be removed and machine washed. Perfect for those occasional spills!
  • Light Blue Cube Pouffe-Accessories-Topfloor By

    LOT 1303

    Topfloor By Esti

    **BRAND NEW** Cube Pouffe


  • LOT 1309

    Topfloor By Esti

    **BRAND NEW** Globe Pouffe


  • Customise The Upholstery On Any Soft Furnishings

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  • Aqua Cat Pouffe-Accessories-Topfloor By

    LOT 1306

    Topfloor By Esti

    **BRAND NEW** Cat Pouffe


  • Browse Our Mid-Century Modern Collection

  • Peach Kitten Pouffe-Accessories-Topfloor By

    LOT 1307

    Topfloor By Esti

    **BRAND NEW** Kitten Pouffe


  • Pink & Black Quadrato Pouffe-Accessories-Topfloor By

    LOT 1305

    Topfloor By Esti

    **BRAND NEW** Quadrato Pouffe


  • Orange/Red Muffin Pouffe-Accessories-Topfloor By

    LOT 1308

    Topfloor By Esti

    **BRAND NEW** Muffin Pouffe


  • Burgundy Cube Pouffe-Accessories-Topfloor By

    LOT 1301

    Topfloor By Esti

    **BRAND NEW** Cube Pouffe