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Trestle Six Seater Dining Table


LOT 03802
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'Trestle was a reaction to open-plan living. The overall concept is centred around visual lightness — you can see that in the spindle trestles supporting the tabletop, which are inspired by the craftsmanship of Japanese lattice screening. They divide the space and the slatted design means they even let light through under the table, so your tabletop doesn't become this pool of shadow in the corner of the room.'

The tabletop itself provides enough room for six people to eat day-to-day, and the lozenge shape means that you can reconfigure for eight people, which can be trickier with the corners of a rectangular table. Speaking of maximising room space, you can manoeuvre around the table edges with no trouble even if you've put it in the corner of a room, without the awkward shuffle required to get around the groin-height corner of a squared tabletop. Daniel told us that the term for this, in case you want to impress your friends, is circulation: ‘How easily people can circulate the room without obstruction. It’s not something you always consciously notice, but you certainly notice when it's not there.' The legs are at both of the rounded ends, formed of spindle rods in a concave semi-circular arrangement.

This semi-circular arrangement is a solid support for the tabletop, and a person can comfortably sit with their legs in either of these hollows. The overall leg design means no horizontal or diagonal support bars — no risk of shin bashing here.

  • Specification

    Seller location:London
    Colour: Brown
    Material: Wood
    Dimensions (cm): W 200 cm x L 90 cm x H 75 cm
    Condition: New

  • The Design / Brand

    John Lewis 

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